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ABOUT visViewer

Microsoft Visio is a most useful and versatile diagramming application that has the additional ability to include business information with every single graphical shape. Although Microsoft Visio is fairly inexpensive, and widespread, there are, unbelievably, still some people who need to view Visio documents but do not have the actual application available. There are others who may already have Visio but need to be able to easily copy images and data for use in other applications.

As a result bVisual has created the visViewer application to enable the viewing, and interrogation of the data, for all Microsoft Office users, regardless of whether they have a Microsoft Visio licence.

Not only is it useful for non-Visio users who need to use the Visio files more interactively, it can be a companion for Visio users who need to view Visio files quickly, and copy some information or pictures simply. visViewer requires the free Microsoft Visio Viewer to be installed first but adds so much more power because the graphics, data and hyperlinks in Visio documents can be searched, filtered and exported to any other application, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, or directly out to Pdf documents.

Do not expect the full capabilities of Microsoft Visio from a viewer ... you will need to use Microsoft Visio for that!

visViewer features

List of some features included in visViewer.

Exporting data

visViewer makes it easy for you to copy or export any part of a diagram.

Easy to use

visViewer is incredibly easy and simple to get to grips with. Just install and go.

No need for Visio

Stand alone application for viewing Visio files without Visio … without installing Microsoft Visio!

Also works with Outlook

It comes with a particularly useful Microsoft Outlook 2013 & 2016 add-in for viewing Microsoft Visio documents

Helpful tools

visViewer allows for advanced sorting, filtering and grouping of shape data and hyperlinks.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.

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  • Exporting data
  • Easy to use
  • No need for Visiol
  • Also works with Outlook 2013 & 2016
  • Helpful tools
  • 64-bit & 32-bit supported
  • Regular updates
  • Extensive documentation
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